Questions and Answers:

How can evolving consciousness help me?

Evolving consciousness is about changing the way you think, live and function in the world. It’s about co-creating your reality. Knowing yourself as the creative energy that creates all that you see around you. It’s about a process of growth and change that will show you how to put specific tools in practice so that you will see yourself as co-creator with the divine (however you choose to define it).

What learning materials will you use?

Many processes from teachers including Don Miguel Ruiz, Byron Katie and Dr. Wayne Dyer are incorporated. The material is designed to help you implement long term, sustainable change. Evolving Consciousness will provide you with real world tools to keep manifesting joy, love, success and positive outcomes in any other area you desire for the rest of your life.

Do I have to subscribe to a specific belief system?

No. Like a church with no dogma, Evolving Consciousness introduces tools and processes that can help you achieve your dreams. There is no need for us all to believe the same thing or have the same idea of God/ Goddesses/ source energy. There is no set of rules. Just a simple set of tools or practices that can teach you how to focus on what you want, and to question belief systems that are no longer working for you. Evolving Consciousness empowers you to decide for yourself what helps you increase your joy and give you more peace.

So Ive heard about a fellowship.

Can you tell me about that? After a series of classes you are invited to join a fellowship to sustain the momentum of change, and to continue practicing a new paradigm in your life. A weekly check-in allows you to start each week.