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In this episode, David talks about some of his personal experience with the work around stories and storytelling.  Hear him and me discuss some of his personal journey into freedom from story.  David has been a student of mine for nearly 4 years and has worked with me to bring his own stories into light.  Enjoy hearing about his transformation! YouTube Preview Image

Here is the second installment about our personal stories.  This is a large topic and we will be revisiting it several times throughout these podcasts.  In this installment I talk more about my definition of “story” and personal “stories” and how these definitions become important as we talk about how to free ourselves from beliefs that no longer serve us. (more…)

This podcast is part of a few talks about stories; stories we tell ourselves, stories that shape our reality.  In this podcast I introduce the idea of stories and how we can learn to change them by first developing awareness that they exist, and that we are the authors.  Enjoy!! (more…)

Hi everyone!

I am trying something new, a podcast!  This new format will enable me to share more of my teachings and thoughts with all of you.  In this first podcast episode, I talk with one of my students about how we can manifest our desires.  It is a 10 minute audio question and answer session.  I hope that it is helpful to all of you on your path towards joy. (more…)

Welcome to Evolving Consciousness: Today I thought I would blog on intention, and the use of intention in co creating reality. The question what is intention, would need to be both asked and answered in order to understand how it might be used in creating reality, and there are deeper truths to be explored. (more…)

“Find a better job” –Hafiz (as translated by Daniel Ladinsky) (more…)

Is it possible that we are evolving in more ways than one? Is it possible that not only our physical forms are adapting and growing over time, but also the nature of our consciousness? In my opinion, we are doing just that. As a species, the ways in which we think about and understand our realities are changing; are seeing new horizons. We are changing the way we use our minds. (more…)

“The Time is Now” -Hafiz-e Siraz (1380) (more…)